The more I travel the more I feel the need to….travel!

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                                          Ladakh – surreal & soul satisfying

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    • Dras – Highway through heaven
    • Batalik – A tribute to the human spirit
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Like an actual travel trunk,imagine painted a deep red,holding memories of experiences,incidents & frozen frames from myriad travels & visits,this blog is an attempt to share some of the trunk treasures.

Moving & travelling has been a way of life. I’ve got,what I call ,”Gypsy Feet” & ever so often they get this itch to get going.So while a rolling stone may gather no moss.I say sure,but it ends up with a more rounded personality!


Batalik – A tribute to the human spirit

  Kargil is a regular trading town,slightly ramshackle,surrounded by apricot orchards.It is nestled at the base of this massive mountain which looks more pronounced as we climb up the gently winding road to Humbotingla. The setting of the drive is dramatic with this almost black rock feature rising up  along like a Grand Canyon wall…rugged …


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