The more I travel the more I feel the need to….travel!

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Ladakh – Surreal & soul satisfying

  • The First Visit
  • This visit -of the buds of May & making our own way
  • Dras – Highway through heaven
  • Batalik – A tribute to the human spirit
  • Nubra Valley – Forging our own path
  • Pangong Tso – The gems in the crown
  • Chushul- Chumathang – Hello Indus & iridescent colours!



Gardens of Delhi – A walk not only on the green side but through history itself



Ranthambore Alert – Ticketing trials and Tiger trails



Barot –  And the Serendipitous Catch in the Uhl River



Satiating Nostalgia Under the Winter Rain at Junia



Disconnecting with the World on a Mountain Isle at Shaama


Like an actual travel trunk,imagine painted a deep red,holding memories of experiences,incidents & frozen frames from myriad travels & visits,this blog is an attempt to share some of the trunk treasures.

Moving & travelling has been a way of life. I’ve got,what I call ,”Gypsy Feet” & ever so often they get this itch to get going.So while a rolling stone may gather no moss.I say sure,but it ends up with a more rounded personality!


Barot – And the Serendipitous Catch in the Uhl River

I’ve been asked why I haven’t written about Dharamsala, my hometown, as yet. I say, very selfishly, that I don’t think Dharamsala can take any more people & I wouldn’t want to contribute to its transient population even an iota. It is no doubt breathtakingly beautiful with the Dhauladhars giving an ethereal backdrop to a …


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